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The Kalterersee-Charter

The Charter
The Charter

In any case, the 750cl bottle distinction would never be enough by itself. Additional quality characteristics and criteria had to be established to truly convince consumers. For this purpose, local wine producers and external wine experts got together and formed a quality circle, whose aim was to create a binding set of standards, a Charter, for the Kalterersee wine. And so a debate was initiated and the questions began: What is the optimal Vernatsch grape percentage in Kaltern's vineyards? How far can the yield be reduced to optimize production? How can an optimal vineyard and quality selection be achieved? How should the ideal Kalterersee wine taste in the future? Can old wine making traditions be adapted today, perhaps from a time when the Kalterersee was made from a selected mix of grape varieties and not exclusively from the Vernatsch grape?

The selected Kalterersee-wines 2019:

Kalterersee Klassisch Sea
Andi Sölva

Kalkofen Kalterersee cl. sup.
Baron Di Pauli

Kalterersee Klassisch vigna Windegg
Josef Brigl

Bischofsleiten Kalterersee Ausl. cl. sup.
Castel Sallegg

Kalterersee Ausl. Dominikus cl. sup.
Weingut | Tenuta Dominikus

Leuchtenberg Kalterersee cl. sup.
Quintessenz Kalterersee cl. sup.
Kellerei | Cantina Kaltern

Kalterersee Klassisch
Wein- und Sektkellerei | Cantina Kettmeir

Kalterersee cl. sup. Plantaditsch
Weingut | Tenuta Klosterhof

Kalterersee cl. sup. 2017Alexander
Weingut | Tenuta Nicolussi-Leck

Kalterersee cl. sup. Klaser Hecht
Weingut | Tenuta Niklas

Kalterersee Auslese cl. sup. Preyer
Weingut | Tenuta Oberpreyhof

DeSilva Kalterersee cl. sup. Peterleiten
Weingut | Tenuta Peter Sölva

Kalterersee cl. sup.
Weingut | Tenuta Prälatenhof

Kalterersee cl. sup. Novis
Weingut | Tenuta Ritterhof

Kalterersee cl. sup. scheinheilig
Weingut | Tenuta Seeperle

Kalterersee cl. sup. Quirinus
Weingut | Tenuta St. Quirinus

The Kalterersee-Charter 2019