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Children's age (upon arrival)


Excursion: the Rastenbach gorge
Excursion: the Rastenbach gorge

10 a.m.
The Peace Path takes you directly to Altenburg from Kaltern or from the St. Anton Sportzone. A varied path that will offer hikers its seven relaxation corners as well as scenic views across the location. Just what you need after the chaos of your working life.

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to lunch - so all you need to do now is to tuck in! Time to order a pizza, a pasta dish, polenta with gulasch or a board of cheese and cold cuts. As you wish.

Three p.m.
Of course, you can just lie on your deckchair and look at the clouds as they pass by... But if you want to move a bit and be active...

... why not go for a bike excursion in spring, to the lake, bike across the orchards of thousands of blooming sweet smelling apple trees, admire and visit the biotope in the southern part of the lake.

... during summer, you can rent a paddleboat in one of the four lake beaches swim in the lake, or take a surfing class. Or simply sunbathe.

... in autumn take a look during a few hours at the wine harvest in the vineyards and get to know the wine you enjoy so much up close.

... in winter, as you do, visit a good Stube, take your time to read the newspapers or a good book, then maybe a round at the Christmas market in the village and find original ideas for Christmas presents.

For every season:
Studying wine. Choose a wine cellar and visit it, taste samples or plan your holiday just so that you can take part in an expert tasting session of wine.

Tasting wines will wake up your appetite, so you have to choose where to eat. You can fin ideas under the ‘Eat, drink, shop’ menu.

What next?
Didn’t you want to go and see a market concert at the market square? Or did you want to go to the movies? Oh no, a club it is for tonight, then...

A weekend in Kaltern