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Nightliner - buses on a Saturday evening
Nightliner - buses on a Saturday evening

Enjoy your bottle of wine during a dinner or simply take in the great atmosphere during one of the many events in Kaltern without having to think about the return trip back home - this has become possible thanks to the implementation of the Nightliner service. A public night bus connects the region’s capital, Bolzano, with Appiano and Kaltern every Saturday evening. All night owls have the opportunity to leave their car at home and get back home safely and cheapyl until 3.30 in the morning.

Tickets and prices:
Single ticket nightliner: €3 (purchased onboard)
Night ticket nightliner: €5 (purchased onboard or at the automatic ticket machines)
10 nightliner night tickets for €30 (purchased at the automatic ticket machines)
Owners of the Südtirol Pass or Südtirol Pass abo+ with an activated payment function can simply use their trips by checking in when getting on board the bus. If undertaking more than one trip a night, a cap of max. €5 is taken off the night ticket. You can use your online account to purchase the 10-ticket night ticket for €30 and load it on the South Tyrol Pass.

General terms and conditions applied on South Tyrolean public local transport

Bicycle transport
In principle, no bicycles are allowed on city buses. Exceptions are made if, and only if, enough space is available on the bus in the first place. Passengers who want to take their bike on the bus can do so for a surcharge. However, they will be liable for material damage caused to the vehicle or any injuries caused to themselves or other bus passengers. In principle, taking your bike on regional trains in South Tyrol and Italy, provided you pay a surcharge, is allowed. A daily single bike ticket costs €7. Daily bike tickets have to be purchased separately. Children’s bikes (up to 20 inches), foldable bikes, hand-bikes (allowed on buses only if enough space available in the suitcase compartment), and unicycles can be taken on board for free; bicycle trailers can be taken on trains for free as long as detached from the bike; e-bikes / Pedelecs can be taken on board like a regular bike, as long as safety criteria relating to the bike’s weight are met.

Transporting pets
Dogs and other small pets can be transported depending on available space and are of sole responsibility of the traveller. Guide dogs and small pets that can be carried or fit into a cage (max. 70x30x50 cm) can be transported for free. Owners of medium and large dogs have to purchase another regular ticket. These dogs can only board the vehicle if wearing a muzzle and on the leash. They cannot occupy available seats.

Luggage and basic commodities can be transported on buses, trains, and lift facilities belonging to the public transport network as long as they don’t hinder other passengers and take up excessive amount of space. Luggage and other objects cannot take up seats or any of the exits. Transport of suitcases, buggies, wheelchairs and winter equipment is free of charge.