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Kaltern Pop Festival

21st - 23rd of October 2021

Kaltern Pop Festival
Kaltern Pop Festival - photo @Christoph Buckstegen

walking - seeing - crooning ...

'Kaltern Pop' is the name of this new lakeview festival project for music lovers who enjoy good food and wine in graceful surroundings. Artistic direction is in the capable hands of Haldern Pop Festival, which this year celebrated its 37th edition in Rees-Haldern on the Lower Rhine (Germany). Set in the idyllic location of Kaltern, the festival for connoisseurs is happy to partner up with 'South Tyrol Marketing', ensuring that the good people of Kaltern play a part in events and initiatives, whilst establishing ideal lines of communication throughout the Italian, Swiss and Austrian Alps.

Meticulously selected bands, collaborations and DJs will grace the Franciscan Church, Windegg, the South Tyrolean Wine Museum, the Catholic Community Centre, the cinema and the Kulturbahnhof (KUBA) in Kaltern, Bolzano. All venues are within walking distance of each other.

Ticket price 2021

  • 3-day-ticket (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) - 99 Euro
  • 2-day-ticket (Friday and Saturday) - 89 Euro
  • 1-day-ticket (Thursday, Friday or Saturday) - 59 Euro
  • Ticket for children between 6 and 13 years (1-day, 2-day and 3-day-ticket for the same price) – 30 Euro
  • Children under the age of 6 years are free

Here you find some impression of the previous Kaltern Pop Festivals:

  • Ami-Buckstegen1610M3-4849
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  • Bilderbuch-Buckstegen1610M3-4588
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  • Cantus-Domus-Buckstegen1610M3-3864
  • Cantus-Domus-Stargaze-Buckstegen1610M3-3030
  • Fenne-Lily-Buckstegen1610M3-3659
  • Jess-Mac-Cormack-Buckstegen1610M3-5013
  • Kaltern Pop Festival
  • Kaptn-Peng-Stargaze-Buckstegen1610R7-7260
  • Luke-Sital-Singh-Buckstegen1610M3-4200