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Kalterersee - The wine

Vernatsch Kalterer See Trauben Wein Kaltern
“This is a wine growing region. I have always been convinced of the fact that it produces good wine that is aromatic and fruity [...]. Here, Vernaccia grapes grow, which [...] are able to produce an important and identifiable wine with a great personality.“ Luigi Veronelli, November 2001

The vine
The Vernatsch grape – with its numerous varieties is the oldest native red wine variety in South Tyrol and has always been the base grape variety for the most well known of all South Tyrolean red wines, the Kalterersee Wine.

The Kalterersee ranges from a light, clear red to a strong, shining, deep ruby red color.

Pleasantly fresh and fruity with scents of cherries and currants, as well as the typical almond tones and delicate fragrance of violets.

Dry, smooth and velvety with modest acidity and tannic acid levels; varies from balanced and harmonically mild to distinct, elegant and delicate; due to its strong structure and taste characteristics, it leaves behind a pleasant and stimulating sensation on the palate.


1 – 2 years.
Vernatsch Kalterer See Trauben Wein Kaltern

Unlike any other wine, the Kalterersee can be served with almost any dish and is appropriate at almost any occasion. It is especially ideal with a typical South Tyrolean snack of "speck", sausages and mild cheese varieties. It also goes well with appetizers, pasta dishes and pizza, with cooked and grilled red meat, poultry and naturally, with all of the tasty, traditional dishes of the local cuisine.

Serving Temperature
The Kalterersee is at its best when consumed when it is still young, preferably the year after the vintage. Drink it cool, but not cold; the temperature should be between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius, which is somewhat cooler than most other red wines.