Tourist Association Kaltern | South Tirol | Italy
Kaltern Pop Festival

'Kaltern Pop' is the name of this new lakeview festival project for music lovers who enjoy good food and wine in graceful surroundings. Click here for further information. >

Kaltern am SeeCaldaro, the wine villageLake stage performanceBIKE Woman CampBolzano Vigneti e Dolomiti

The video of Kaltern and it's surroundings. Some impressions of the Southern part of South Tyrol.

Useful info and adresses

Dates, facts and more on Kaltern. Where is the post office and when are the holidays? Where can you find a doctor or dentist? Sometimes this is just practical information; and sometimes it’s just indispensable. Here is an extensive collection of some of the most interesting and useful information to help you in Kaltern. Here you will also find all addresses of Kaltern’s many restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, wine cellars, wineries, and more.

Useful adresses


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