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Kaltern Pop Festival

'Kaltern Pop' is the name of this new lakeview festival project for music lovers who enjoy good food and wine in graceful surroundings. Click here for further information. >

Kaltern am SeeCaldaro, the wine villageLake stage performanceBIKE Woman CampBolzano Vigneti e Dolomiti

The video of Kaltern and it's surroundings. Some impressions of the Southern part of South Tyrol.

Mobility in Kaltern

SAD-Bus Kaltern

While on vacation, do you love exploring and being mobile without using your car? In South Tyrol you have the chance to do so! Carefree discovery awaits you, without ever getting lost or worrying about navigation. In South Tyrol, the public transportation network is incredibly extensive, synchronized, and convenient. Don't forget to check out some of the special offers.

Here you'll find numerous possibilities to stay mobile in Kaltern and the surrounding areas. Discover some of the special offers because one thing is for sure, you're guaranteed to arrive at your destination stress free and on time.

Be mobile

Museumobil Card
Museumobil Card

Two in one - the new possibility to use the public transport and the museum around South Tyrol!More

The bikemobil Card South Tyrol
The bikemobil Card South Tyrol

The bikemobil Card is a combined ticket which allows you to rent a bike and to make full use of South Tyrol's Integrated Public Transport networkMore